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Red Panda/Wine Red Shrimp

Red Panda/Wine Red Shrimp

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Wine Red Shrimp/Red King Kong/Red Panda

These dark red shrimp are very similar to crystal shrimp but have a deeper red to them than traditional red crystals. There are a variety of grades and patterns in the Red King Kong family. The radiational banded stripes of a crystal have earned these red king kong shrimp their wine red name. 

 Skill Level: Moderate

What you get: You will receive unsexed juvenile shrimp ranging from .5"-1" no promised colors or patterns. Patterns will vary during selection. Pictures above are from actual colony you will receive your shrimp from. 

Shipping $13.99: All shrimp ship priority mail, free shipping after $990

Water Parameters: 

TDS 100-120

GH 4-5

KH 0

PH 5.5-6.5

Live Arrival Guarantee

Dead On Arrival (DOA) Policy- All shrimp orders are guaranteed live arrival. In the event of dead shrimp upon delivery, proof of death must be provided within an hour of shipment arrival time. Must provide clear photos or video of dead shrimp in original shipping packaging. Any deaths will be replaced, if replacement shrimp are available, purchaser is responsible for shipping cost of replacement shrimp. 

If no replacement shrimp are available, purchaser can request a refund for the individual dollar amount of the dead shrimp or wait until shrimp are available again.

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