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Mixed Neocaridina Shrimp: Wild Types

Mixed Neocaridina Shrimp: Wild Types

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I have let my Neo's go wild! I combined my Red Cherry, Blue Dream, and Black Rose shrimp and after a few years this is what we get! Most shrimp have some slight color and patterns, mostly clear, brown, or black. Some have some hint of red or blue. 

These are a great beginner shrimp because they have been raised in Arizona Tap water and are as hardy as shrimp come! They have lived in a heavily planted tank with over 50ppm nitrates so they are ready for any beginner who wants to try their hand at keeping shrimp!


What you get: You will receive unsexed juvenile shrimp ranging from .5"-1" no promised colors or patterns. Any of the higher, darker colored shrimp you see in pictures are my breeding stock. Most will be the clear, lighter colored shrimp. 

These shrimp are in a lower price point because they are considered culls or wild types in the hobby. They are a strong and hardy shrimp, they just don't have the deeper colors like most hobbyists desire.


Shipping $13.99: All shrimp ship priority mail, free shipping after $99


Water Parameters: 

Arizona Tap water

TDS 400-800,

GH 15-20,

KH 10-12

PH 8+

Live Arrival Guarantee

Dead On Arrival (DOA) Policy- All shrimp orders are guaranteed live arrival. In the event of dead shrimp upon delivery, proof of death must be provided within an hour of shipment arrival time. Must provide clear photos or video of dead shrimp in original shipping packaging. Any deaths will be replaced, if replacement shrimp are available, purchaser is responsible for shipping cost of replacement shrimp. 

If no replacement shrimp are available, purchaser can request a refund for the individual dollar amount of the dead shrimp or wait until shrimp are available again.

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